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Rules and Comment to be Added post

Engagement Verse

Welcome, friends! Before you dive in, we have a couple of precautions, and some ground rules:

1. This is raw, unedited, often unfinished work set in the same general universe. However, there are liable to be inconsistencies.

2. This is OOC. No, really, I'm serious. The only way you'll even recognize the characters most of the time is because they have the same names and work in the same place as the ones in the show. But that's about where the similarities stop.

3. This is plotless. And painfully happy. It's like...a care bear soap opera. It pays no mind to logic, reason, order or plausibility. It does whatever the hell it wants, and we let it.

1. No flames. We'll ignore them. This verse is what it is, and we make no apologies for it. A great work of literature, it may not be, but you know that going in, now.

2. No critique. For the same reasons. This was written well over a year ago and in no way represents our best work. We know that.

3. Play nice with each other.

And, as you can see, we've unlocked the whole thing. No more need to ask to be friended, just read away and enjoy the silly schmoop!

Table of Contents

Welcome! Now that you're here, please make note of the table of contents! If you dive into the journal in the order it's posted I fear it will leave you most perplexed, but this takes the story more or less in order.


Table of Contents

Chapter I: First Date
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Chapter II: Fight
Part 1
Part 2

Chapter III: Proposal
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Chapter IV: Three Weeks
Planning: An Email Log
Chat Log: NC-17
Phone Call (Immediately follows Chat Log)
Surprise Visit
I'm Home

Chapter V: Wedding
Part 1
Part 2

The wedding itself!